Curtain Wall Glass Façade

With award winning glass façade designs, the ALL American made and leader in high-rise glass Architecture, the “Curtain Wall” is manufactured by YKK AP America, Inc. All occupants of the new Wave Condominium can be sure that the very best exterior wall system was sourced for this project.

Curtain Wall Insulating Factors

A leader in “Green” design glass wall systems YKK AP supports Green design practices and construction that significantly reduce or eliminates the negative effects of buildings on the environment and occupants. YKK AP is a leading manufacturer of quality materials used in High-Rise residential buildings designed and construction for LEED® certification. The Curtain Wall specified for the new Wave Condominium is the YCW 750 OG 7 ½ inch deep curtain wall that offers a wide degree of energy-efficiency, thermally-broken structural members, as well as best available low-e coated, argon-filled double-glazed tempered glass units. This type of exterior glass construction ensures that all occupants’ light quality is improvement through floor-to-ceiling insulated glass w/out the sun’s radiation and bitter winter climates influencing the temperature of the interior environment.


Curtain Wall Structural Integrity and Water Tightness

The USA governing authority on Standard/Specification for windows, doors, and skylights is an agency known as “NAFS” – North American Fenestration Standards. The agency (NASF) rates all approved window systems that the building code allows for installation on residential building in the US. The typically installed window in a residential low-rise construction carries an “R” class designation and can withstand a force of 15 lbs per-square-foot of pressure from the outside elements and is the lowest acceptable standard for residential construction.


The curtain wall system that is implemented at The Wave Condominium caries a designation exceeding the “AW – 40” class. This means that the curtain wall façade is rated to withstand forces in access of 40 lbs per-square-foot of pressure from the outside environment w/out deflection or failure. This type of product is typically specified for super High-Rise residential/office applications where high wind load and noise abatement are key design requirements. Furthermore, the sound attenuation capability of the curtain wall façade was improved by installing ¼ inch thick double pane glass with extra-heavy air stopping rubber seals. These added features will ensure lasting tranquility for all occupants.


Building Structure

The Wave Condominium’s monolithic style of construction has been chosen because of its stability and effectiveness as a method for construction in mid to high-rise residential homes that demand the ultimate in longevity and quality. Industry professionals with years of experience are responsible for erecting this building with reinforced concrete and the highest caliber materials. As a result, the building has numerous advantages such as an inherent sound barrier between floors allowing residents to enjoy an uninterrupted lifestyle. Purchasing a home has always been a long-term investment and knowing that a building will withstand the test of time is paramount in making a commitment to a home.


Masonry Façade And Double In-wall Insulation

An industry leading curtain wall assembly coupled with the traditional longevity of a masonry facade elevates the appearance of The Wave Condominium and guarantees years of aesthetic opulence and maintenance free service life. The building’s exterior walls are designed with a double insulating barrier. Industry standard R-19 bat insulation is present between each metal vertical steel frame member on all exterior walls. Furthermore, additional insulation was added in the form of a rigid insulation board (R-7.5 Rated) between the masonry façade and the exterior sheeting. The developer of The Wave Condominium challenged the designers and planners to exceed ALL required standards of local energy code requirements in new construction. This double insulation addition will ultimately enhance the indoor air and thermal environment and maximizing energy conservation for all occupants for years to come.

Smarthome Heating And Cooling With Wifi

The central heating and air conditioning system is manufactured by TRANE, an industry leader in air conditioning and heating equipment with units converting up to 95% of fuel into heat while minimizing electrical and natural gas use, which contributes to the overall efficiency of your residence during the warm and cold seasons. The efficiency of TRANE HVAC systems allows for year-round comfort and minimal utility expenses. To complement your TRANE HVAC system the designers specified a Wi-Fi Smart-Home thermostats by manufactured Honeywell allow residents to program their home thermostat from anywhere with their computer, tablet or Smartphone. The Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat learns the exact amount of time necessary to reach your perfect temperature and acts accordingly, so energy isn’t wasted and your comfort isn’t compromised.


The production of hot water in every residence is supplied by the NAVIEN premium condensing tank-less water heater. The NAVIEN on-demand water heaters have the highest thermal efficiency ratings in the industry and are known for their reliability and longevity of use. Read more about your NAVIEN water heater at


The service/operation location of the each HVAC unit and water heater are also strategically designed and located outside of each condominium unit, which allows for easier and faster servicing as well as a more quite operation.


Radiant Floor Heating – Bathrooms

All bathrooms will be equipped with a radiant floor heating system from Warmup. The radiant floor heating system, doesn’t simply heat the floor of the bathroom, it warms the entire room. Installing floor heating will add luxury when you want to pamper yourself and take the chill off a tiled floor on a cold morning. The touch screen smart thermostat located in each bathroom allows the user to control and program when the system turns on and off, creating a level of comfort not typically found in today’s new construction.






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Hardly any residences can compete with the customized luxury that The Wave Condominium Offers. All residences feature the quality finishes and attention to detail one would expect only in the finest residential venues.



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